May 082014
Eight reasons why Protectionism will fail

This week saw Pfizer launch a new bid for AstraZeneca, and along with it a scramble of politicians from all sides airing their protestations over the¬†ignominy¬†of having a cheeky foreigner interested in our assets. Here are 8 reasons why the protectionism of our senior politicians is wrong: Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer are privately owned, by […]

Mar 132012
The NewBuy housing scheme is a sham

The more I hear about this government’s NewBuy housing scheme to subsidise housebuying the more clear it is just how far this Conservative government has strayed from its core values. On the one hand the conservatives have legislated and used the FSA to stop banks lending at high loan-to-value, the prime cause of the subprime […]

Oct 072011
Here's a new Plan B:  Cut now and cut hard

At the Conservative party conference this week George Osborne defended his plans for cuts. He was fortunate that, 2 days earlier, the S&P ratings agency reaffirmed their AAA credit rating on government debt, keeping us one notch above the mighty USA. The message from Osborne was clear. We are being hit hard by the effects […]