Mar 212013
Budget Disaster - Britain is on the path to ruin

Generations will look back at yesterday’s budget disaster as the tipping point. A Conservative party that ostensibly believes in fairness, capitalism and libertarian values has all but abandoned those principles in favour of state-sponsored redistribution and socialism. Debt targets have been all but abandoned. Debt to GDP ratios will not start to decrease until 2015 […]

Jul 272012
Our debt is spiralling rapidly out of control - What Osborne must now do

Yet again this week Ed Balls and Milliband have been criticising the Government for the atrocious GDP figures, which has shown the UK is back in recession for a 3rd consecutive quarter. They are right to criticize.  That is what the opposition does, and Cameron and Osborne deserve it.  But not for the reasons that […]

Dec 272011
Ten Predictions for 2012

If you’re anything like me you have spent the best part of the last 4 days in a vortex of family visits, games, huge dinners, turkey soup and over-indulgence. Enjoy the festive spirit while it lasts, because the slow hangover is likely to make 2012 another tough year.  At the risk of these looking fainlty […]

Nov 292011
New chatroom launched.  Leave a comment now

We’ve launched our shiny new comments wall on “Cut the Debt”. Please come along and leave a comment on anything at all to do with the debt, the government’s response, or your feelings on what needs to be done. You don’t need to register to leave a comment. You don’t even need to use your […]

Nov 282011

 George Osborne has just announced a scheme for the government to underwrite 40 Bn of loans to businesses. Just a week earlier he guaranteed lots more mortgage debt for people that couldn’t afford to borrow. Its ironic that this happens at the same time as protestors at St Paul’s and in the media continue to […]

Aug 162011
Our "Cut the Debt" Charter

Our Vision for the future: “A fair society that allows work to be rewarded, protects the most vulnerable, and doesn’t load debt on to future generations”. We believe in paying the bills now, balancing the books and fair taxation. Read out Charter for Change, and tell us what you think.

Our Debt Charter


Our vision for the future is a fair society, that rewards work and enterprise, protects the most vulnerable and doesn’t load debt onto the future generation. The Cut the Debt Charter for Change: Balance income and expenditure over a 5-year period.  This means that for each government term money spent has to be met by […]

Discussion forums: The Cut the Debt Wall


What are your thoughts?  Are the government doing enough?  Too much?  Please leave your thoughts on anything to do with the deficit, the debts or the cuts.  Anything goes.  No moderation.  You can subscribe to follow-up comments by checking the box below when you leave your comment.