May 082014
Eight reasons why Protectionism will fail

This week saw Pfizer launch a new bid for AstraZeneca, and along with it a scramble of politicians from all sides airing their protestations over the ignominy of having a cheeky foreigner interested in our assets. Here are 8 reasons why the protectionism of our senior politicians is wrong: Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer are privately owned, by […]

Jul 272012
Our debt is spiralling rapidly out of control - What Osborne must now do

Yet again this week Ed Balls and Milliband have been criticising the Government for the atrocious GDP figures, which has shown the UK is back in recession for a 3rd consecutive quarter. They are right to criticize.  That is what the opposition does, and Cameron and Osborne deserve it.  But not for the reasons that […]

Apr 212012
Tax relief on Charity Donations must stop

With the charity tax relief row, George Osborne has not had a good budget. Most years the budget is quickly forgotten and swiftly overtaken by newer news.  But this year we’ve had catchily-named accusations on the Granny Tax, the Conservatory Tax, and the pasty Tax.  The fact that these tax increases are minor and as […]

Dec 272011
Ten Predictions for 2012

If you’re anything like me you have spent the best part of the last 4 days in a vortex of family visits, games, huge dinners, turkey soup and over-indulgence. Enjoy the festive spirit while it lasts, because the slow hangover is likely to make 2012 another tough year.  At the risk of these looking fainlty […]

Sep 072011
Cutting the 50p tax band will boost tax revenue

When the 50p tax band was introduced by Alistair Darling in April 2010 it was intended as a political statement as much as a tax-raising exercise. The message was that the country’s Finances are in a mess, it’s the fault of the global financial crisis and the bankers, so we will make sure that the […]