Jul 272012
Our debt is spiralling rapidly out of control - What Osborne must now do

Yet again this week Ed Balls and Milliband have been criticising the Government for the atrocious GDP figures, which has shown the UK is back in recession for a 3rd consecutive quarter. They are right to criticize.  That is what the opposition does, and Cameron and Osborne deserve it.  But not for the reasons that […]

Nov 292011
New chatroom launched.  Leave a comment now

We’ve launched our shiny new comments wall on “Cut the Debt”. Please come along and leave a comment on anything at all to do with the debt, the government’s response, or your feelings on what needs to be done. You don’t need to register to leave a comment. You don’t even need to use your […]

Nov 252011
Why public sector strikers must pay the costs of their action

 Next Wednesday swathes of the public sector plan to strike, driven by changes to pension arrangements. Alan Johnson, the former Home Secretary under Labour, has publicly backed the strikes. The fact is current pension arrangements are enormously generous, and no longer affordable to the hard-working man on the street that must pay for them. It […]