Mar 132012
The NewBuy housing scheme is a sham

The more I hear about this government’s NewBuy housing scheme to subsidise housebuying the more clear it is just how far this Conservative government has strayed from its core values. On the one hand the conservatives have legislated and used the FSA to stop banks lending at high loan-to-value, the prime cause of the subprime […]

Dec 272011
Ten Predictions for 2012

If you’re anything like me you have spent the best part of the last 4 days in a vortex of family visits, games, huge dinners, turkey soup and over-indulgence. Enjoy the festive spirit while it lasts, because the slow hangover is likely to make 2012 another tough year.  At the risk of these looking fainlty […]

Dec 082011
Cameron must stand firm against Merkozy

Hard evidence emerged today of plans to take away significant powers from the UK. The plans are outlined in a letter from Merkel and Sarkozy to Herman von Rumpuy, the European Council President, on the eve of a European summit which, not for the first time, has been called make-or-break for the Euro, Amongst other […]

Oct 072011
Here's a new Plan B:  Cut now and cut hard

At the Conservative party conference this week George Osborne defended his plans for cuts. He was fortunate that, 2 days earlier, the S&P ratings agency reaffirmed their AAA credit rating on government debt, keeping us one notch above the mighty USA. The message from Osborne was clear. We are being hit hard by the effects […]